Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh Time, How I've Missed Thee . . .

My lack of blogging is not for lack of want, or words, for that matter. It's really for lack of time, a precious commodity these days.

A got a message from a friend. One of those friend that you might not hear from for weeks, and then you exchange 23 emails on some random topic for three straight days, only to go silent for another month, never knowing if the next topic was going to be your respective spouses, kids, work, or something more exciting like sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. I expected it to start a string of emails, but so far, its just been this one lone email. Nothing more, nothing less.

I wish I had three additional hours to my day that only I knew about and no one else.

I imagine work and family and life has him as busy as it does me, so I'll wait until he has more time to write or I have more time to respond. But I hear you buddy. Boy, do I hear you.

I'm in the middle of an extremely busy time at work these last few weeks, as we rush to finalize our first quarter results and show the Street which foot we're going to hit the fiscal 2010 street with. I'm an HR machine right now, getting ready to interview a host of candidates for one of my key director roles, as well as facilitate various other transfers, promotions, and other rotational opportunities to give our teams some career development and fresh air. It's rewarding, but painful at the same time, to go through the transitions as you lose all the knowledge and new talent goes through the learning curve. I even managed to get a pay increase for one of our top guys who was being tempted to leave. And this is on top of my normal job which is - GET THE NUMBERS RIGHT. You'd be surprised at how hard that can be sometimes.

Not like family life is slower. We're still a commuter family and it's wearing on the Doc. The other day he used "f***ing" three times in the same sentence in a conversation with me about his apartment situation. I keep thinking "what man wouldn't love four days away from an assertive, stubborn, driven, type-A wife in a bachelor pad with TV, internet poker and porn, and no children duties each week" but apparently even that loses its edge after a while. And I'm down here trying to manage two kids, a household, the bills, our taxes, his business taxes, and whatever other life duties manage to assert themselves now and then (like calling to check on Mom recovering from knee-surgery).

I'm not complaining . . . I've actually been pretty calm and positive this week, despite some sinus virus that is helping me try to keep the facial tissue markets afloat. In fact, as I look back, I've managed to work late multiple nights, meet a friend for a quick drink, see a Sharks game with colleagues and one of our vendors, sing songs to my sons, make spaghetti dinner one night for the boys and my Betty, who joined us for some food and a little girl conversation, and have a long conversation with my son about how hard it is to transition to a new place, a new school, and new friends. I've started multiple stories, blog posts, and other written snippets (not finished a damn one), caught up on a few emails, read your blogs . . . oh, and book my husband to the Mastodon weekend . . . which I'll miss . . . because I'll have jet-lag. "Corporate jet" lag, that is. Like I said, I am a machine.

But it's come at the cost of a few hours of sleep here and there. And the realization that no matter how much you cram in, there never seems to be enough time for my friends. For those two little boys. For my hubby in his part time world here in California.

Yes, my friend, I wish I had three additional hours to my day that only I knew about and no one else.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


MHG said...

Speaking of taxes... I filed my return last Thursday, but then this Monday I received a letter in the mail from my college regarding the money I spent on tuition and also the scholarship money paid out to me. Do I need to file an amendment to my return, or do I have to worry about adding tuition and scholarship money? Does it matter that my tax refund money has already been deposited to my bank account?

Sean D said...

Is this Ask the Corporate lawyer time?

Ooh ooh...

heh I was going to say a bad wawfuls joke, just not in me now.

How much longer does the separate lives of Doc and The Wife will continue till?

My best to the fam and we are thinking of you all!


Anonymous said...

at some point the money made is not worth the frustration and stress

BWoP said...

I miss you!

When I was in LA, F-Train and I went to see The Blind Side during one of the off-days. When we walked out of the parking garage, there was a ginormous DSW store directly in front of us.

My comment: The Wife would LOOOOOOOVE this.

Lots and lots of smooches heading your way.