Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Logic in there Somewhere

By the time you read this, I'll be in the thick of some pretty heavy meetings with our CEO, CFO, and our audit committee. Wednesday, we'll release earnings and this is our big lead up to the final thumbs up from everyone designated to have a last say.

Last night, I was getting ready. Checking the calendar, sending a few emails out, organizing some things for the week, knowing my calendar would be too heavy this morning to really accomplish anything (like blogging, which was actually done in the wee hours of the morning and scheduled for release . . . . NOW).

I was going through my checklist: power suit - check; pantyhose with no runs - check; cute girly shoes to balance the power suit - check; manicure - holding steady; pedicure - impeccable.

"What else have I not thought of?" I asked myself, and one of my other inner voices piped up immediately. "Shave your legs." I ran to the bathroom and started a hot bath, while I gathered a razor and shaving gel.

In the middle of my preparations, I stopped myself. "Why am I shaving my legs?" It was another one of those inner voices. The lazy one. "My husband just flew home tonight and won't be back until Friday - what's the point?"

Then another voice piped up. "You have some very important meetings tomorrow with the CEO and CFO." The previous voices all went "Ah," and nodded their heads knowingly, and I went about my business.

I was two full legs into it, finished with the delicate bikini lines, and giving those pesky ankles another once-over (ankle bones were not designed with the flat planes of a triple blade disposable in mind) when the lazy voice started pondering.

What did the CEO/CFO meeting have to do with shaved legs? Was I going to lose my skirt and pantyhose in the middle of the meeting, exposing some stubble? And even if something that ridiculous did happen, is that the kind of thing that would make the CEO or CFO say "Gosh, you seem to know a lot about financial statements, but now that I see the extraneous leg hair . . . I'm not so sure . . . "

It made me think back to my mother who used to warn us that we always had to make sure we had on clean underwear with no holes in them, just in case we were in an accident. As if EMTs don't provide emergency medical assistance to people who aren't wearing clean underwear.

But just in case, I'm wearing clean underwear. With no holes in them.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


SirFWALGMan said...

Well there goes the blood from my brain...

KenP said...

Well, nice, clean, hole-free skives. Looking toward that Northern Boar's Nest and thinking the Chakos are batting around 500.

The Wife said...

Ken, you know the male species too well. Though my husband is pretty particular about keeping the boys in nice digs . . . so he regularly throws out the old and ushers in the new. :)

BWoP said...

It's kinda like that saying from back in my school days: look good, feel good, test good.

Confidence, as you know, is key! Even if it comes from silky smooth legs or fancy panties . . .

DrChako said...

Great. You killed Waffles.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice earnings!