Monday, February 15, 2010

A Walk to Remember

While the rest of the world was planning candlelight dinners and roses and chocolates and sparkly things galore, we had a more mellow approach to Valentine's Day. Lest you think the Dr. is completely unromantic, I did get a dozen roses and a box of lovely Swiss chocolates. But our au pair had the weekend off, and my husband had the weekend "on" with us . . . so we celebrated by spending time as a family in the fantastic California sunshine.

We drove up into the foothills outside of Palo Alto on Sunday, and enjoyed the park and the trails so much, we did it again today, as we all had the day off. As I downloaded my pictures, and flexed my calves tonight, trying to release some of the day's tension, I reflected on the walk.

Here are some of the worthwhile lessons from my walk to remember:

When you see a bridge, cross it - you might love what's on the other side.

Sometimes the trail ahead looks tough . . . keep your best buddies beside you.
Even when the trail looks tough, sometimes the view from the top is amazing.
Never look back . . . unless it's with someone you care about, and it's just to reflect on how far you've come.

Don't forget that there are things out there bigger than yourself . . .
But beauty in even the smallest of things . . .
And entire worlds beneath our feet.
When you find another bridge, don't be afraid to cross this one too . . .
Particularly when you've got someone right by your side . . .
Or a couple of lovelies waiting for you on the other side.

Don't be afraid to pause and feel the sunshine warm on your face, and in your hair.
Remember you can never go wrong in accessorizing with a touch of red . . .

Or that a little yellow always says "spring".

Remember that some classic red beads are always in season . . .

And that something sparkly looks good with practically anything.

And you can call it a good day, regardless of what happens, as long as everyone is still smiling.

And that "tired" is just fine, as long as its a good tired.

The best part? We did it as a family.
Respectfully submitted,
The Wife


DrChako said...

Great post. Boy, that was a lot of fun. Makes it even harder to be back in Tacoma. Hopefully not for much longer!

-The Husband

KenP said...

Nice ... oh ... and ...

Good Night, John Boy.

BamBam said...

I <3 this post.