Sunday, January 3, 2010

Purple Humiliation

In the spirit of being a good sport, I post the following pictures of me conceding defeat publicly in Las Vegas.

I was adequately primed and prepped for the occasion. Complete with undergarments and accessories. I had a purple bra and purple panties, much like these:

(Please note that a butt double was used, due contract term which I am not permitted to disclose. However, pictured panties and tush are remarkably similar to the real thing . . . )
I wore some bitchin' purple platform high heels . . .

And this was the finished product, courtesy of my favorite opponent, Drizz:

I had a moment of nostalgia, passing the jersey on the wall . . .

And while I will never come over to the dark side completely, the only reason to be a Vikings fan would be because of fans like this.

Love you Drizz and OhCaptain! And Drizz, thanks for such a classy jersey . . . what's up if we go head to head in the playoffs?
Respectfully submitted,
The Wife


DrChako said...

I swear I thought that was your butt. Seriously - I was about to call you and say WTF?!

-The Husband

The Wife said...

Come now, sweetie . . . you know the real panties were actually a darker purple . . . :)

Riggstad said...

I shudder thinking about what Bam Bam will do to himself after "viewing" this post!

I hate the fact that I couldn't go this year!

Shrike said...

I have to echo what Riggs said, on both counts.


Drizztdj said...

I've seen clothed butt and the panties and yes had to agree with the doc till I read the disclaimer :)

Hmmm... bet on Vikes/Pack in the playoffs?

Helga horns or Cheesehead to be worn during the 2010 WPBT tourney?

OhCaptain said...

the purple looked so good on you. You should wear it more :)

I just started processing the photos from that last day. I should have more for you soon!

BamBam said...

For the record I :

a) recognized that it was NOT in fact, the butt of The Wife!

b) photo-shopped the Purple out of the pics. I went with a very nice forest green instead.

Sheeeeeesh gang! Our love is (mostly) platonic, in a brudderly/sisterly kind of way for Pete's sake.

Who do you think I am, Waffles?


The Wife said...

I'm sure it looked much better in the forest green . . .

And, for the record, BamBam is probably one of the few of you I'd actually trust around the real butt . . . he's man enough to handle it . . . without man-handling it!

(Cue Jack Nicholson's voice)

"You want the butt?!?! You can't HANDLE the butt!!!"

BWoP said...

Well, since you rested on my butt, do I get to rest on yours next time?

The Wife said...

CK, my butt, purple-clad or elsewise, is at your disposal anytime.