Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm In!

Boss just invited me to the first "executive" poker game.

Play it cool, and lose gracefully to my boss?

Or play it hard, regardless of the outcome?

Oh, and I'm guessing we go with "no cleavage" for this game?

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


DrChako said...

Can I come? PLEEEEESE?!

-The Husband

PS. Which boss?

Schaubs said...

Cleavage is a must obv.

BWoP said...

Play to win! (But still have fun.)

I think corporate culture has changed such that "losing to the boss" just to preserve the boss's ego is nowhere near as impressive as proving that you're a kick ass employee AND poker player (with nice cleavage).

MHG said...

1) Whoop your boss and talk shit around the water cooler.

2) Invite husband who donks off all his money and always gets invited back--no way you get fired then!

BadBlood said...

No, no, no! Win at all costs but play the "I've never played before, I must be lucky" card.

Be overflowing with charm, but destroy the competition. You can do it.

Riggstad said...

LOL @ BAM! Cause he's RIGHT!

Play the frail'ish, meek, unsure, doe eyed little girl from the mail room.

although he hired you so he'll probably see right through that.

Cleavage is a must. (cleavage is a must even at the grocery store!)

def get the doc to go - the more dead money the better :O !!!

Drizztdj said...

Do not rifle chips or any chip tricks for that matter.

Do play a tough game, but like CK said have fun.

I had a home game with my boss, boss' boss, and four other executives while I was the lowly number crunching serf. I won all five Sit n Go's they ran yet they didn't care and had fun!

Bonus: I still got invited to the next game!

SirFWALGMan said...

Make your boss go home naked because you won his fucking Armani suit!!! Own him! Cut throat!

Wear cleavage revealing shirt so he still thinks he is a winner even as you scoop up all his cash.

BamBam said...

What BadBlood said, just so Riggs is right!


Play to win.

There's no use in running with big dogs, unless you plan to lead the pack!

genomeboy said...

really impressive if it means that the "boys club" is letting you in.

FWIW, when I was in grad school, I was in a nickle, dime quarter game, and when a woman insisted on on invite, most of the married guys threatened to quit cause their wives would object.

I agree with CK. Have fun...

Anonymous said...

This is a test.....this is only a test........beeeeeeeeeeeeep