Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Funny Things My Friends Say

I realize some of my friends and acquaintances (past and present) are pretty funny, and I look forward to reading Facebook and blogs and emails just to see how funny they can be. Here is my collection of recent faves (to protect the stupid and/or innocent, I have removed names, but you know who you are - if you even read this blog):

He totally gives good text.

I missed the memo that stated it was 'state the blatantly obvious' week.

Hope springs eternal so that it may be crushed repeatedly.

Yeah, but what is she learning on the clutch? . . . Hopefully how to get married so I do not have to pay alimony.

WHOA DUDE . . . this is NOT how you have a covert affair.

I don't care who you invite - just don't let it turn into a goat rodeo.

Today, less penis.

Keep them coming people - my happiness depends on your wit.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


DrChako said...

I know most of them. None are mine.



The Wife said...

Well, other than the comment about "I wrote that" in reference to the horoscope telling me I "can be mean" - you apparently weren't that witty these past few weeks.


Falstaff said...

Happy to say that one of them IS mine, and I'm stealing the one about the goat rodeo. That's going into the hillbilly lexicon right f'n now.

Katitude said...

I really do want to meet the guy who gives good text *grin.

And I did eventually get the was under the unopened Christmas cards on my desk.