Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Random Observations

  • Did we really need to see the pictures of Tiger bare chested on Vanity Fair? I don't care of Annie Leibovitz took them or not. He's not that cute bare chested, and looks a little gangsta, 'cept without all the tough stuff.
  • Anyone ever seen Rock Star with Marky-Mark (I'm sorry, Mark Wahlberg)? The 80's hair band get-ups are AWESOME . . . the hair, the leather pants, the mascara. And Marky-Mark is pretty ripped. But the nipple-piercing scene might just be too much.
  • Anyone ever seen Will Ferrell do his George Bush show? HBO is playing it. I miss having Bush in office, if nothing else, for the comedy. Obama is not nearly as funny. Although he probably looks as good as, if not better than, Tiger with his shirt off.
  • Speaking of the Obamas, am I the only one jealous of Michelle Obama's upper arms?
  • When is the next Vegas trip? I'm ready to go . . .

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


OhCaptain said...

I'm up for Vegas and not at all jealous of Michelle Obama's upper arms. They are a bit too girly for me.

F-Train said...

Next Vegas trip is whenever you want to come!

Riggstad said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that Rock Star is in my top 25 of movies. Love that movie!

Obama has a chicken chest, and Michelle looks more Gansta to me than Tupac. She scares me. Everytime I watch her do an interview it's like I'm waiting for her to pull out a gank!

Drizztdj said...

I'm going to Vegas in March :)

The Sister of DrChako and Mrs. Chako said...

Ya know what, Miche? Michelle Obama reminds me you all the time. Seriously! Tall, svelt, gorgeous, successful AND the same first name!!!