Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wear Some Cool Boots . . .

Last night, after a full day of work, prepping for a volunteer project, making invitations for Son#2's blowout 6th birthday party bash at Chuck E. Cheese's (read, "the migraine-maker"), and taking an antihistamine for the little tickle I was feeling in my throat, I passed out in bed like a drunk hooker . . . sore, tired, and comatose.

Today I woke up realizing I have a full blown cold coming on. I thought about my schedule for the day:
  • Early morning webcast on a BORING accounting topic
  • Trying to review my subordinates' work (if yesterday's review was a preview of what I'm going to see today, I'm in for an uphill battle)
  • Meeting to discuss the audit approach for my new client
  • Meeting to negotiate for over $1 million in professional fees for the coming year (which includes a 13% increase over the prior year)
  • Teaching a volunteer after school program to 3rd and 4th graders

How is a girl on cold medicine supposed to get through a day with that kind of pressure? I mean, shifting gears, alone, is going to be a challenge . . . I can smell the smoke already.

So today, I wore my knee-high black leather boots with a skirt. A friend once gave me a card. It says "Wear some cool boots. Cool boots make you feel like you can handle anything. Or at least kick it really hard."

I'm ready to kick something. Just stay out of my way, or it might be your ass.

I feel sorry for the 3rd and 4th graders . . .

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Betty Underground said...

I am wearing my cowboy boots... shit kicking in my plans! I am in need of a pair of black boots though!

DrChako said...

This post is useless without a picture.

Kidding! But don't you think your readers deserve a glimpse of what I get to see every day? I like it when the masses are jealous.

-The Husband

BamBam said...

I can do jealous!

I've shown you my boots, now you show me yours! That's how this game works!

(oh.... and get better!)


MHG said...

I continue to read your blog in large part because your punchlines at the end keep me laughing :)

Alright, I would read it without the great one-liners, but it just wouldn't be the same!

I hope one of the kiddos didn't have a "kick me" sign on his back...

Eboni said...

I too love to wear boots, have recently got their shopping at Dogfunk.