Friday, October 3, 2008

The Bash - A Retrospective in Haiku

The details are cumbersome . . . and maybe hard to remember at times. So I salute the memory of the Bash and some of my blogger brethren in haiku . . .

The Bash

Friday, we poker;
Saturday, more silly fun;
Sunday, sad goodbye.
Hang? Oh yes, he can.
Gather ye, friends, around him -
The man, the legend.

Green and gold for me . . .
Your taste in skillets excels.
Next time, in Vegas.


Not-so-secret crush,
Hug me; now go write for me.
Breakfast? You? Anytime.


How do I love thee?
More than I say or you know.
Hugs and kisses show.

Blue eyes smile always,
Tolerant Canadian.
Fine, outstanding wife.

Your lips, to die for.
Exuding confidence, charm,
She makes us ALL purrrrrr . . .

All woman and more,
A heart as big as her chest -
This girl knows her fun!

Tall, dark and handsome -
Fantastic taste in girlfriends.
I got my hug . . . you?


A giant teddy bear,
Yet properly indecent.
Loved the missus too!

Hands of a goddess,
Our bendy kissing bandit.
Little, yellow, . . . HOT!

Pipes men must die for,
Heart of gold and smile divine.
Love your "breakfast" choice.

He wields that smile, girls.
Mama always said "watch out" -
Roosters are cagey.

Respectfully submitted,
The Wife

1 comment:

Betty Underground said...

2 things I am jealous about:

1. Your face that close to Otis'
2. You've met the illusive Lil Bitchmore?!?!