Monday, October 13, 2008

I Am The **IT!

I may be sick, but apparently I still have it.

Months ago, before the transition of au pairs, my former au pair convinced Son #1 and I to have an Orkut page. It's like Facebook - but a favorite among the Brazilians, for whatever reason. Son #1 uses it more frequently - his "friends" include our former au pair, current au pair, and a host of other 20-something year old Brazilians. Someday one of his friends is going to tell him how cool that is - right now, he's just happy to send off stupid emoticons and other nonsense chat, and they all think he's cute.

I put my profile on there, mostly to stay in touch with my former au pair and her friends. It's not an exciting profile - "female, married" - a picture included. So far, my only friends are . . . surprise, surprise . . . Son #1, and the au pairs.

Today I noticed I have a new "friend" request . . . an 18-year old guy from LA. Someone with four names. Apparently Mr. J.M.S. Hamilton wants to be "friends" with me - The Wife. Imagine that.

Just for kicks, I checked out his profile. Nothing too exciting . . . claims he's "committed" . . . but apparently he needs to expand his "friends" beyond the whole bevy of 20-somethings currently filling his "friend" list.

What do you think folks? Kick him to the curb? Or tell him "come and get you a little MILF and cookies?"

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

PS: Maybe I just need a pair of new shoes.


DrChako said...


-The Husband?

Betty Underground said...

Shoes. You just need shoes.

Now, if he was a friend request on FACEBOOK it would be exactly like being friends in real life. I'm told, you are not friends in real life until you are friends on FACEBOOK. Plus, when you don't want to be friends with someone anymore, you just click the X by their name and poof. No awkward converrsations, just not friends anymore.

The internet rules.

SirFWALGMan said...

My favorite part of Milf and Cookies is the Milf. If your gonna flirt with some married guy I have first dibs!

BWoP said...


They last longer than 18-year olds.

The Sister said...

Dear BWOP: shoes rule. And I don't know about 18 year olds, but 28 year olds last a pretty long time too. Merrowwww... Sis, your son is a Stillman to the core. Bevy's of Brazillian beauties simply clogging his little Brazillian facebook page no doubt. Hua for him.

Bayne_S said...

Milf and cookies is a great line.