Monday, October 13, 2008

Mrs Chako and the Virus - Day 5

I'm sick.

Sick and tired.

No, really, I'm just sick. But it's making me tired. Tired of that tickle in my throat. Tired of the congestion. Tired of blowing my nose. Tired of sneezing. Tired of Nyquil. Sick, and tired.

To make matters worse, this happens to be the week that my overpaid and underworked husband has another one of his "have to use this quarter a year of vacation sometime" weeks off . . . So he's going to sit around the house playing poker, napping, and generally being underfoot, and I have probably about 80 hours of work to do before I travel next week to BFE Arkansas. Dry county no less.

If I invite you to my pity party, will you all come?

I promise there will be alcohol . . . unless we schedule it the week I'm in "who still thinks repealing Prohibition was the reason we're in this den of iniquity" Arkansas.

Sick and tired, but respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Katitude said...

I would come even if there wasn't alcohol. But the booze helps *grin.

Hope you feel better soon!

BamBam said...

If it really is, "the thought that counts," HUGE virtual wellness ((HUGS)) sent out your way!


SirFWALGMan said...

I wanna party with the cool kids!!

DrChako said...

Hey - would you scratch my back?

-The Husband

Instant Tragedy said...

Be glad he isnt asking you to scratch other places.


Get Well Sweety!

BWoP said...

I am sending you some virtual Jewish penicillin.


Feel better soon.

Betty Underground said...

You just need new shoes. New shoes make everything better!


The Sister said...

I'm so sorry your sick, sis. But I'm so deep in like with my new man that the entire world revolves around me. Me me me. I do hope you feel better soonest!