Friday, October 17, 2008

Sleep? What is That?

Yes, I'm posting at 1:30 a.m. when I should be sleeping.

Why am I not in bed? How about I have less than 60 hours before I travel. My biological clock has been silenced; my travel clock is ringing in my ears right now.

Next week will find me in lovely BFE Arkansas. I have to fly through BFE Louisiana to get there. Last time I went, the hotel had only 6 hair dryers for all guests - I didn't get one. Its a strange place, too. In BFE Louisiana, there are drive through margarita stands . . . and as long as the driver is not drunk or actively drinking, open containers are encouraged (much like Montana). However, upon arriving in BFE Arkansas, we will actually be in a dry county. Go figure. As a Wisconsin native, when I learned about dry counties, I thought someone was pulling a bad joke on me. Not so.

I'm guessing that between the long and circuitous route to get there (it's basically one whole day of flying and driving to arrive, and one to come back), the lack of observable cell phone reception for the bulk of the trip, potentially limited internet, and the long hours we will work to try to get it all done, I'm going to be seriously hating the whole dry county thing at some point. I think one of our staff is smuggling in some alcohol. Good on you, mate.

So in the next 60 hours, I have 4 meetings scheduled. Need to review the work of my staff on three jobs. Need to finalize a powerpoint presentation (half of which just disappeared into the bowels of my computer 30 minutes ago and had to be recreated). Need to attend a going away dinner. Need to get my nails done. Need to attend a formal charity auction. Need to pay all the bills. Need to pack. Need to buy additional pain relief and other cold symptom items.

I'm so tired, I'm almost beyond sleeping at this point. But I'm going to give it the old college try.

If I am too tired to blog, readers, forgive me. I still love you all.

Especially you, CK. You have my express permission, by the way.

Wish me luck. And when you learn about some accountant who went postal in Arkansas, please let the news media know it was extenuating circumstances.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

The Sister of DrChako and Mrs. Chako said...

Sis, if you go postal I can promise you, there isn't a jury out there that would convict you. :)

BamBam said...

Dry huh?


Best I've got for you is;

Find the happy old guy's! They MUST have booze to be smiling down there!

Safe travels !

BWoP said...

You are too, too kind :-)

I hope you survive the trip.