Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two Times is a Charm

The husband and I decided to have a nice welcome home dinner . . . 3 weeks later, or something like that. It's been busy.

Given our previous experience, we decided that since Daniel's Broiler had been such a fantastic place to send DrChako off on his trip to the sandbox, why not welcome him home with a monster steak dinner there too? We stopped in to see our favorite manager. DrChako even brought him one of those special flags, like Rooster got when he won the December blogger tourney.

So we start dinner and they bring over a complimentary bottle of champagne. How sweet. We eat, we enjoy . . . steak and lobster, salads, the whole bit. A little wine on the side. We're so full, we don't even have room for dessert. Ask Ken, our absolutely professional waiter for the check . . . and he presents . . . empty hands. Complimentary. On the house. For the second time in a row.

We are in awe. That is two $300 dinners we've eaten in less than a year gratis . . . on the house. They really know how to put the "special" in a special occasion dinner.

Needless to say, in addition to the post-steak bliss, we're delighted at the kind of service you can get from a good restaurant. Though on my way home, the frugal girl in me came out . . . I suggested we try the "my first dinner back from Iraq" thing at a few other top end restaurants. Couldn't hurt . . .

Now I gotta sign off and go find my hubby . . . he leaves for Vegas tomorrow. I think I gotta remind him that he can get at home what those other girls will make him pay for in Vegas . . . and they won't do his taxes for free, either.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


DrChako said...

We are just blogging fools.

I'm coming to bed now. Brace yourself.

-The Husband

Instant Tragedy said...

Brace Yourself?


It the room is a rockin,
don't go a knockin!

Isn't it good to have your husband home?


SirFWALGMan said...

God Waffles is listening! You should not set my mind down that road! Have fun though.

BWoP said...

Sounds yummy!