Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shift in the Universe and Don't Piss Mrs Chako Off

Shift in the Universe

Yesterday, Betty and I were mulling over a few things that seemed odd. Unusual. Not so ordinary. Including shifts in our own personal moods and perceptions. Reactions to things. Pondered whether it signaled a shift in the universe.

Then, yesterday, it snowed. Only in our town. Not actually in Seattle. Literally, the snow line stopped 5 miles north of the house. Thank goodness for my new AWD baby.

I sent her a message - "Further shift in the universe . . . hope you aren't close to a fault line."

She is. Good luck, friend. Come up and visit if your place starts shaking. Hope American Airlines hasn't cancelled all of the flights out of California.

Today, more shifts in the universe. And more snow. Only south of Seattle. In our town.

I did double-check though, and Waffles is still ranting, Bam-Bam is still his affable poker-playing self, Bracelet is still modest, and IT is still loving his kids . . . maybe its only a West Coast thing.

Either way, I'm gonna buckle up.

Editors note: I realize, after reading my friend's comment, that I did not clarify. This is DEFINITELY a positive shift in the universe. At least for us West-Coasters. Even the snow. It was beautiful as the sun came out on my commute, sparkling on all of the newly blossomed trees and green lawns. Nothing prettier than pink trees and green grass and white snow. And when I say I'm gonna buckle up - well, I say that when I strap into my favorite rollercoaster, California Screamin', and laugh all the way to the end, too. Oh yeah, Betty, I'm expecting a good ride.

Don't Piss Mrs Chako Off

So I've been working my ass off. Literally. My ass is smaller. Ask my husband.

So when I get clients who give me shitty accounting documentation with bad answers and even worse justifications, it doesn't improve my mood. In fact, makes me a little more feisty. Yesterday, they tried to pull one over on me. I put my foot down. The accounting manager said "I think its because you're wearing black and white. You can't see all the shades of grey. Could you go back to wearing the spring colors you were wearing earlier in the week?"

I'm heading out there again later today. Wearing black and white. Again. Just in case it does impact my judgement. There will be no grey line in accounting today.

And unfortunately, certain members of my team are starting to drink their Kool-aid. I came in yesterday to find two of them poring over a client memo. I picked it up. Flipped instantly to the conclusion page. Said "no way in hell is this the answer" inside of 30 seconds. They gotta get better at seeing through the bullshit. They went to a meeting - only thing that got resolved was that they told the client "Mrs Chako is probably not going to like this answer."

What part of "no way in hell is this the answer" doesn't mean, unequivocally, "no way in hell?"

Felt like writing a big WTF on the memo and handing it back.

But I'm sure I'll put my nice girl pants on (the ones that hang in the back of my closet, next to my big girl pants, Betty) and find a nicer way to tell them. Does "no f---ing way in hell" count?

You've all had fair warning today.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Betty said...

I think you are viewing "snow" as a bad thing!

I sense the shift is bringing a landslide of good. Things working in our direction. Less conflict.

Snow is pretty and falls with beautiful silence. Dusting the world around us with purity.

Drizztdj said...

I love people who try to view accounting like marketing.

"Oh, we'll just claim this here and use this left over stuff in a few months".

Good luck washing away the gray.

BamBam said...

"affable"... Haaaaaaaaaa.

Just so you know, my ass actually hurt when it hit the ground as I read that and lol.


Must be a typo. Assable! That's what you meant, right?

I'll tell you one thing young lady! IF I grow up.....

Ah, nevermind! Like that's ever going to happen.


RaisingCayne said...

Yeah, what's up with snowing in late March anyway!? It may indeed be pretty... and a sign of the positive... but it's still frustratingly cold!

And I can empathize with your dealing with people referencing "grey areas" in accounting. Last I checked this profession is a science, not an EFFING art!

And get your team to grow a backbone for goodness' sake! I'd rather hear the wrong information spoke with conviction, than the right information spoke in an uncertain tone. (Okay, that's probably not true, but you get my point.)

(Oh, and BamBam is kiddin' himself... affable was the perfect reference to him.)

DrChako said...

Uh oh - The Wife is pissed.

Anyone have a place I can crash tonight?

-The Husband

Instant Tragedy said...

May I suggest a Bubble Bath, kids in the right places, a shoe catalog and a massage?


Luving the kids still

RaisingCayne said...

M... that's awesome that the husband is back at home! Great news. (Sorry I've been so out-of-the-loop lately.)

I'll really look forward to meeting him sometime soon... (perhaps at your upcoming home game.?)

Uncle Bracelet said...

I'm listed under modest in the dictionary, actually.

Then is says, "See also: Huge Junk, Adonis, Viking God.