Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Black Tuesday

Editor's note: No one is dead.

I’m not just blue. I’m black.

I guess I always knew the end would come.

Today, a little piece of my heart died.

It’s not completely broken. I’m still capable of rational thought. Functional.

But there is a small fissure. You know the kind. Like the one that starts in the joint in the ceiling. Annoying, but unnoticeable to others. But you are completely aware that its there. And that it’s not pretty. And getting bigger. And the pressure that caused it to crack? Always there. So it will never go away.

I need to get over myself. Our relationship was part time anyway. But somehow, knowing there isn’t a “next time”? Hurts worse than knowing he wasn’t really ever MINE. Not really.

He was amazing. Not perfect. But then, are any of us?

I never expected to feel this way about a man. Never expected to care about him like I do.

Don’t know that I will ever find anyone to replace him. But then, there probably isn’t room in my heart.

Read, and weep with me, my friends.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Betty said...

Good riddens... the pronunciation of his name always annoyed me!

DrChako said...

Despite what your readers may have thought, I'm not dead!

-The Husband

PS. You DO realize your readers know that your husband is in Iraq, right? You shouldn't scare people like that. Hell, when I started reading it, I thought I might be dead and not know it.

Drizztdj said...

He will be missed...

... NOT!!

John Madden is probably on top of the Golden Gate Bridge considering suicide since he won't be able to fill half the telecast with odes to he-would-wears-number-four.

bayne_s said...

Have never met DrChako but was feeling for your loss.

The I saw that it was post about the NFL's all-time interceptions leader, who appropriately closed his career on one final stupid throw.

Get home save Doctor

BamBam said...

Yeah uh......

Perhaps a slightly different start to the post like...
PURELY HUMOUR !!! For Pete's sake!
(In particular, since The Doc has missed a few day's posting!)

You know my feelings on the subject and it's a shame he'll be remembered by the un-knowing masses, by that one pass.

Filling a highlight reel with Farve plays is every bit as easy as filling it with ooooops! But the man played the game! All of it! Hit's, tackles, blocks and an arm made to launch missles. I'll miss him the most next year, when the NFL is completely lacking in character on the field, and in the pressroom.

Hopefully, history will repeat itself and someone will step up and realize, they're playing a kids game and getting paid well. From the ones playing now and the up and comers in the next few years, I don't see it happening anytime soon.

Drizz' man is the next best hope I fear, but unless he learns to have fun while playing, I see him turning into just another announcer wannabe.

Student of Life said...

I'm weeping with you, sister. I loved watching that man play. If only we all could love what we do half that much.

Lategreatjc said...

I feel your pain! I'm a Packers fan from way back! This is a sad day! I got a professional shopping gig! I'm really excited about it!


RadioVegas said...

drchako, i know you're in iraq, and i know more about you than that... you're probably the number one pokah blogga that i know the most about actually! you made a big impression on me at one of the events.... come home soon...