Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Road Trip - Day 2

Well, before Day 3 actually happened, Day 2 seemed pretty cool. Day 3 is starting to make Day 2 look like the 3rd runner up in the local "Miss Corn Festival" competition . . . but I'll give you some of the highlights anyway.
  • Disappointment in what an actual brothel looks like. Expected some aging, but used-to-be-attractive madame and a few half-dressed girls. Didn't get it and if I didn't know that we had the address of the Pussycat Ranch and its sister brothels correct, I'd never know that I was that close to flesh for hire.
  • Betty has an awesome iPod rotation for a road trip. And her new iPhone has this groovy software loaded on it - Shazam - you just point it at a song and it can listen and tell you what the song is, the artist, album . . . and I think you can then use it to order the album and arrange for lunch with the artist. No more calling your dork music friend . . .
  • Only two potty stops. Either we're getting tougher or not drinking as much.
  • Landscape is getting better. Must be getting closer to Idaho.
  • Chubbuck Idaho has the nicest Starbucks Betty has ever seen. And she used to open Starbucks.
  • The Mormon temple in Idaho Falls is one of the prettiest I've seen - and sitting on prime Idaho Falls real estate.
  • The "Falls" in Idaho Falls are beautiful. But like Pamela Anderson's landscape . . . apparently man-made. Little disappointing, but still beautiful.
  • We ate Italian - at Olive Garden - served by Mike, from Brighton, England - in Idaho Falls.
  • Betty's Marriott points get us the best accommodations so far this trip.

Classic lines from Day 2?

  • "I like when it throbs . . . "
  • "You have to remember your fake name . . . "
  • "Here's to Idaho . . . no, you da ho . . . "

You had to be there . . .

Stay tuned for my special upcoming feature, "Truck my boyfriend would drive if he lived in _____"

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

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