Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Wife's Perspective

First, I want to clarify, I did not expressly "approve" any automobile purchases in the last few days. Regardless of what certain individuals may be trying to represent.

Here is how things went down.

I have been working like a dog. Like a double dog. Surprising for a woman not far from being out of work. Work is busy, life is busy, kids are busy, au pair transition is busy.

Husband has had time off. Multiple days off. Not sure why. His trip to Florida was only three days, two of them over the weekend. Somehow that necessitated an additional 7 days off.

I get a text yesterday.

"Call me. :)"

Then another text.


Then a voice mail.

"Call me (sound of smiling)."

I returned the call, even though I didn't have time. To many smiley faces.

"What's up?" I say.

"Be very afraid," he says.

"What are you buying?" I say, going for the obvious trouble he could be in.

"A Ferrari," he says.

"Not unless it costs less than X," I say. Picking an "X" that was far below what I thought you could find a Ferrari for, but was far enough above zero that a car might actually cost that much. Not necessarily a car the Dr. would buy, but a car, nonetheless. Thinking "no way in hell . . . "


I could hear him smirking. Almost as if he knew what I would say and that I would choose that price point.

Damn it.

It's in inspection now. If it passes, I guess it's his. Unless I play the bitch card. Or unless he screws up really bad somehow.

Until then, it's like living with a little girl who just found out she's getting a pink unicorn.

Next time, I choose a price point closer to the Choos.

Until then, I am going to comfort myself in one thing.


Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


DrChako said...


-The Husband

KenP said...

There's always a sign identifying such places and events. One might be:

Bubba's Weird Exotic Worthless Car Sales.

And of course the other one is:

Doctor's Parking Lot

PrinceofHouston said...

Speaking as a husband, there are some times where having a wife with the upper hand is worth it. If this plays out, this would be one of them. Some things in a guy's life is sooooo worth having, that any price the spouse requires is worth it.

Betty Underground said...

This sounds a little like Husband Trickery. I say you keep the keys and he has to ask you to use it.

pokerpeaker said...

yeah, I was pretty skeptical of the "full approval" that he bragged about on Facebook, too. I KNEW IT!

"Until then, it's like living with a little girl who just found out she's getting a pink unicorn."

Great line.

You get to drive it too, right?

Drizztdj said...

Yes, but you get to see his bright smile for at least the next ten years now!