Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thoughts to share

Things today that got a rise out of me one way or another . . .
  • The horror when I discovered I was trying to get ready in the hotel for an interview and forgot my hairbrush at home
  • The double horror when I found out a crappy one in the hotel gift shop cost $5.00
  • Having 8 pillows with which to sleep. Pillows are the best bed partners, really. You can squish them and mold them and lay all over them, and then when you don't want them touching you so you can sleep, you just push them out of the bed onto the floor
  • Still laughing about my friend's nephew who's life lesson is "toys don't poop. Only things that talk poop."
  • The fact that my son wanted me to sing him a song over the cell phone last night before he went to sleep
  • Picturing all 4' 8 1/2" of my sister-in-law going all "enraged ferret" on someone (still giggling)
  • The adrenaline rush of the post-interview, when you've spent 5 hours selling yourself
  • The adrenaline rush of walking through an airport in a skirt suit and heels and finding out, at 40, that some heads still turn
  • My AWESOME red power shoes . . . you gotta see my feet and legs in these things
  • My new au pair arriving (even though I'm not there to meet her)
  • The downer from your adrenaline rush when you discover your plan keeps getting delayed another hour (on hour 3, now)
  • The rush from a lot of sugar after eating a whole pack of Skittles and a whole pack of Mentos
  • Friends who have good wishes for you and call right after your interview
  • Husbands who hold the fort down at home

That's all for now folks. Carry on.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

PS - Did I tell you how awesome my red shoes look?


Paola said...

hahahhaaha! I will remember those red shoes as the best good deed I did for you!(wait... I didn't even pay for them!!! Oh man!Never mind!)

You were in my thoughts all day long. I was cheerful in secret :) I knew you would do great! And u did!
Your new aupair is very nice... but never forget miss "Bood Night", at least on the days when you wear your crazy cute red shoes. :):):)
Love ya!

BamBam said...

We're thinking of you and sending all of our HUGE good vibes, in your general direction. Which is way better than farting that way! Just ask the Doc.


Tons 'O' lovin' and lot's of HUGE ((((HUGS))))

DOPES 2 said...
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