Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Gotta Stop Dreaming

I spend a lot of time fighting in my dreams these days. I wake up exhausted and kind of cranky . . . you don't want to start something with me right after I get out of bed. Even the Dr. is getting bruised and battered from my nighttime brawls.

Most of the dreams have been very ambiguous . . . today they were TOO vivid. And as the day has gone on, more details continue to emerge at the oddest times. Details such as:
  • I went to work in my blue shortie pajamas
  • One of my partners (that I really respect) was extremely disappointed that I wore my pajamas (I think he thought that I was giving up)
  • I responded to the disappointment by taking them off and working naked
  • My office managing partner wanted to speak to me in her office (I thought to chastise me about working naked)
  • I put on an overcoat before I went to see her, like some flasher
  • She didn't want to talk to me about the nakedness at all
  • I spent a good portion of my dream sitting on the lap of our area partner (this kind of grossed me out)

At the oddest times, today, those images continue to haunt me.

I need to find a new job quick. Not just before the money runs out. But before the dreams get worse.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


KenP said...

Maybe you could check out employment opportunities for lingerie models and go for two birds with one stone.

Ignore the two birds part, that doc's dream...

BamBam said...

I could use a shot of you in the "shorty P.J's" for Frantic Friday post.

The pay's crap, but the recognition it would be worth to get your name out there to the masses would be pretty minimal. So there is that.