Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Mother's Pride

I am still a little teary-eyed. Maybe its just that time of the month.

Today was "Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day." Apparently, I was the only mom who hadn't really planned, so I threw something together at the last minute. I was hesitant; I mean, I was working at a large team, with the office managing partner, and the client can be a little challenging, at times.

Son #1 was a trooper. Put on his dress pants. Black socks and dress shoes. Showered, deodorant . . . ready to walk out the door when I was. Sat in on a 7:30 am conference call. Listened to me take an 8:00 am conference call. And then the real test.

He came to the office and was as respectful as I've ever seen. Sat next to me. Asked for his assignment. Did some filing and organizing. Self-checked his work. Wrote up his report about the day. Ate lunch with us and was conversant without being stupid. During the day, he was mature and pleasant and completely professional. No silliness. No show-off. No frustration.

I read his observations. "The audit team was very nice because every member who was in trouble, another came over to help them out. My mom, the entire time, has been helping her teammates."

Sometimes, its nice to see your teams and your work through the eyes of a very observant and articulate young man. I'm glad, at least, even though I'm coming to the end of this era, that he got to see me and my teams in a real environment at our best.

I couldn't have been more proud to have called him my son than today.

My kid totally rocks.

Repsectfully submitted,

The Wife


DrChako said...

We done good.

-The Husband

KenP said...

Wow, that Ferrari angle has turned him into a total suckup. (Actually, that 'we' might be overstated.)


So you two: Type-A...
Nurture or Nature?



Who makes twice as much as a successful radiologist?

Any run of the mill Ferrari mechanic.

Paola and Josh said...

Owwweee... :):):) sweet.
I'm telling you, he is gonna marry my future daughter!! :):)

BamBam said...

I can feel it oooozing out of this little write up!

Isn't that pride, one of the best feelings in the whole wide world!!!