Saturday, April 18, 2009

Leaving, on a jet plane . . .

. . . and fade out on the John Denver music.

This weekend, the Dr. is in Florida doing family duty. He's attending a benefit show in memory of his father, that Nana Judy has painstakingly orchestrated for months. His Dad was well-loved and remembered, and we sent the Dr. off as a representative for the family. He will make his Dad proud.

But today, his travels were a rare source of amusement for me.

Actual series of texts, from various points in the trip:
  • (Leg 1) I'm in seat C. Crying baby in B.
  • (Leg 1) Have [noise-canceling] headphones. Have MP3. No cord.
  • (Leg 2) No babies. Just babes. Chatty babes. LOUD chatty babes. I'd rather have the crying kind.
  • (Leg 2) Crying baby just got on. Old woman next to me has gas. Just broke my sunglasses.

Makes staying home with two boys and two Brazilians seem like a piece of cake.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


OhCaptain said...

Yikes! That doesn't sound any fun. So glad my trip to Toronto for Eh Vegas went so much better then that.

Wish him luck on the benefit

MHG said...

Two Brazilians!? Massage party at your place!