Saturday, July 19, 2008

Uh . . . Why Yes . . .

Last night was a birthday party for one of the Seattle poker bloggers. Well, he's more prolific at poker than blogging . . . be he's a nice guy. The Seattle poker bloggers were sadly under-represented . . . just me and our favorite donkey. DrChako is off pretending to make money (but last time I checked, he was driving a Ferrari . . . ) and the others had one excuse or another. But Joshua had a good group of friends from work who joined us at the racetrack, along with his special girl, Betty. Not our Betty, but an actual nice girl . . . so I guess we have to stop teasing him about coming out of the closet.

All I have to say is I SUCK at betting on horses. Although I shouldn't have expected much. I bet on a horse called "He's Always Right" - there is a reason the odds were so big on that one - because it just ain't happening.

But this story isn't about that. Its about the birthday present. I didn't want to arrive empty-handed. But buying for an adult can be tricky. Especially when you don't want to burden them with gifts at a racetrack.

I thought about it a bit and remembered there is a new wine store close to our house. Joshua has decent taste in wine and has graced us with an excellent Spanish wine as a house present the last time he was over. So I thought a gift certificate would be simple and easy to carry in my purse and his wallet. But you never are sure you're getting the right thing.

As I am paying for my purchase, the cashier looks over at my card as I am writing. She says "That wouldn't happen to be for Joshua C, would it?"

I looked up, surprised. "Uh, . . . why yes . . . " Check behind me to see if there are cameras.

"Oh. It's his birthday today. You must be going to the racetrack."

Check for cameras again. "Uh, . . . why yes." (I'm extremely articulate when I am surprised)

"He's a member here . . . "

Hmmmm . . . hope he can use this . . .

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Betty Underground said...

A. Are you saying I am not NICE?
B. Joshua has a Betty and is it not me? Crushed.

DrChako said...

That's what I thought you were saying, too (that Betty wasn't nice)! It kinda makes her even hotter, though...

Sorry I didn't make it to the ponies. I was too busy driving Ferraris.

-The Husband