Thursday, July 24, 2008

Probability is For People Who Lack Imagination - Redux

You know the drill with me . . . my favorite practice grounds for poker. Play money (illegal to gamble online in Washington state . . . though you can drive 5 miles from my house and drop all the money you want on the horses or at the Native American casino . . . go figure) . . . 45 person MTT SNG.

I'd been playing conservative ("You Mrs. Chako? Play conservative? Shut. Up."), but hadn't hit anything big or tricked anyone into calling into my stone cold nuts like I usually do. The blinds were getting bigger and my M was slipping below the 4 level.

I woke up with pocket kings in early position. Why not, I say. I raise to 4x the big blind. I get two callers, including the big blind.

Flop comes 5-6-9 rainbow. Can't believe this helped anyone. Big blind bets. My gut says "he caught a piece, thinks I have big slick . . . here is where I make my money." I raise, all-in - don't need him on a straight draw. Guy with position calls. WTF???? BB calls. ?????

Turn card comes, its a J. BB bets big. Now I'm starting to think he might have called with 8-7. Kind of stupid, with as conservative as I'd been playing . . . . but maybe he's one of those "defend the blind" kind of guys. If he's got it, I'm all-in anyway, so I'm hosed. But GWP (guy with position) raises. WTF?????? HE can't be playing the 8-7, can he?

River comes. Its a J. No flush possibility. Again, BB bets half his stack. GWP goes all-in. BB calls off all his chips.

Result of a three way show down? Mrs Chako has two pair, KK - JJ. BB had flopped the nut straight. Flopped.

GWP???? Had pocket Js. Went runner-runner for his quads.

We go bye-bye now.

I wanted to feel bad that my kings got busted. But really, how could I, when BB got sucked out on so much worse?

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

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BamBam said...

Did I ever mention that.....

I have a hand.