Monday, May 31, 2010

Canadians are HOT!

I'm sure some of you (I'd tag all you other Canadian lovelies but it's late where I am and the bed is calling) are like "duh" . . . or maybe "duh, eh?" . . .

Tonight (ok, well, it's the proverbial tonight, because it's actually the night before my 15th wedding anniversary when I'm writing this, but I thought it sounded tacky to post this the night before my anniversary, so I'm using post options to delay posting, which looks like it was written tonight . . . I mean today . . . but it's actually past tense . . . never mind) . . .

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Tonight I was trying to finish some things for work tomorrow and I was flipping channels. After watching the end of National Treasure on cable, I flipped to the Hallmark Channel to watch "Mail Order Bride". It featured Daphne Zuninga (remember her) and some other guy I'd never heard of, and was about to flip the channel until Mr. No-Name came on.

Cameron Bancroft.

Canadian hotness, dressed up in Little House on the Prairie gear, homesteading it out West. Reminiscent of other cowboy hotness, but even better. Almost made up for the lame, completely predictable nature of the Hallmark storyline. I watched until the end. Kept hoping that Hallmark would throw off the family veneer and show me how they really kept warm down on the prairie . . .

I knew you all were huggable. And smoochable. Who knew you could be hot enough to stop my remote finger?

Respectfully submitted (after my anniversary),

The Wife


KenP said...

Poor Doc is going to have to start self-prescribing some blue pills.

Seems he's playing second fiddle after rose petals and half moon bay.

What's the poor guy need to do?

Don't answer that! Don't need the feds showing up.

Maybe, instead of the pill, he could down a case of Molson, eh? That might put him in their league.

Ugly American yearning to be a drunken but beautiful Canuck.

Shrike said...

Everyone years to be a Canuck. Since we're all so polite and stuff.


BamBam said...

You've just made me pull out the boots again! You never know. You may end up here, me there..... like I said, you NEVER know!