Sunday, May 30, 2010

15 Years . . . Celebrated

I briefly mentioned that we should get away. But we're classic procrastinators, and work and life are busy, so I didn't think anything more about it.

He did.

Of course, he had a little help from a friend who might be good at classy, romantic getaways.

Nonetheless, it was a weekend to be remembered. 24 hours of a getaway not far from home, but far from real life. The Ritz-Carlton at Half Moon Bay - if you're in the mood too shell out some bucks, this is the place to do it - they understand the type of customer service that it takes to make you say "Oh, THAT's what we're paying for." From the moment we rolled up in the Ferrari, to the moment we roared out, it felt like one of those movie scenes . . . "Nice to have you Dr. and Mrs. Chako"

They had made note of it being our anniversary, so every place we went - the spa, the restaurant, the club level lounge . . . everything was "Happy anniversary, Dr. and Mrs. Chako" . . . they had a little anniversary present for me at the spa, and at the restaurant, and at turndown . . . the smallest details that made me feel pampered. If you are going to spend the money - get the club level rooms. You have access to an all-day eating and drinking binge . . . heck, you wouldn't technically need to actually go BUY food if you just made time to visit the continental breakfast, midday "snack" (read, light lunch), evening drinks and appetizers . . . we missed the night time chocolates.

Best part was it was only semi-scheduled, and completely relaxing . . . even the Dr. forgetting that our dinner reservation was at 7:00 and not 7:30 didn't set us back. I got massaged, and spent time in the spa, got all dressed up for dinner, got back to find the bed covered in rose petals, managed to knock all the rose petals off the bed . . . and even got up with enough time for continental breakfast, a workout, a lazy shower, and a light lunch before heading home. Oh, and I guess the best, best part was doing it with my partner of all these years!

Nice planning, baby.

Here's the photo review.

Gotta go in the Ferrari - though the traffic was brutal and crawling along at turtle speed with the midday sun beating down on you in a black Ferrari can be BRUTAL.

The view from our room.

The view of our hotel from the path down to the beach.


A view of the beach from the patio.

Me, dressed for a night of romance.

15 years!


My honey reviews the first course of wine.

As if the pre-dessert and dessert were not enough, we got a box of chocolates as a little present for our anniversary.

These adorned our linens when we returned from dinner . . .

The morning dawned as beautiful as the rest of the weekend - this was the view from our room!

And this was the view in the side view mirror on our way home!

Respectfully submitted,
The Wife


KenP said...

That has the makings of a tradition.

Think of us all when you are doing it for the 50th.

KenP said...

I noticed the two shots of the bay. In the second, it appears they've set up for a wedding and fair size at that.

Now that might cause anyone to dip into their savings.

The Wife said...

I'm sure a wedding out there is only possible if Daddy has deep, DEEP pockets.

I'll probably kill him before the 50th. We should shoot for something more reasonable like 25 or 30 . . . you're all invited.

DrChako said...

You have an amazing eye, baby. I guess that's why you picked me! (Okay, maybe that's a stretch).

-The Husband

Verification word? fawkin

Betty Underground said...

Having a hotel snob as a friend comes in handy :)

SirFWALGMan said...

Damn nice cleavage shots! Lookin good!! Congratz on your celebration. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

Drizztdj said...

Was that a golf course I spied in one of the shots?

The view from some of those holes must have been worth the high price tag.

Sean D said...

What amazing views!

Congratulations on making it to 15, and we'll be waiting for the invites in 9 1/2 years :-)

BWoP said...

Oooooooooooooooooooh. Looks like a fantastic place . . . Very suitable for a fantastic couple!

Thanks for sharing the photos.

Miss you soooo much. SMOOOOCHES :-)