Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Just a Number

Today, I am just a number.

It has seemed like a family for a long time. However, in today's economic times, it has reverted to its lowest common denominator, and it has become the machine. And today, to the machine, I am just a number.

Fortunately, for me, even though the machine no longer feels like family, I still have a real family. Some came to me through the ties of blood. Some through the bonds of marriage. Some I created myself, who carry little bits of my DNA. And some of you who through accidental threads of friendship across the miles have woven themselves into an extended family that stretches from coast to coast and across borders.

So to those of you who have called, or sent words of encouragement, thank you. For family members from afar who call when they should be worried about their own troubles, thank you.

And for those of you who took the time to remind me today that regardless of what the numbers say, I'm still the best at what I do, thank you.

To the machine, I may be just a number.

But elsewhere, I am still the professional. the writer. The friend. The daughter. The mother.

I am The Wife

Respectfully submitted.


SirFWALGMan said...

I am the number two, the letter F, and the color Purple.

I also wish you luck in whatever the heck your having issues with which is not entirely clear but does not really matter in the good luck wishing department.

Betty Underground said...

what Waffles said.

Gadzooks64 said...

Hope it all works out for the best.

Hang in there.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

The Sister of DrChako and Mrs. Chako said...

If you're any number at all, it's a 10 in my book. Bo Derek has got nothin' on you my sister.

TenMile said...

Umm, did you just turn Forty?

The Bracelet said...

I'm just over here wearing my Chako Team uniform and waving around one of those huge foam hands with the finger saying you're #1, so hope that helps whatever it is you've got going on.

Maybe I'll paint my face too.

Easycure said...

You are much more than a number, I can assure you. Hang in there, it will pass. I hope you don't mind if I say a little prayer for you.

Wwonka said...

Hang in there.

I know how it feels to become a number.


BamBam said...

The machine is wrong as it often is, but the machine always seems to troddle along despite itself.

I wish I was closer, now more than ever! I wish there was something I could do.

For now, hopefully some HUGE virtual (((((HUGS))))) will help bring a little smile to your face.

pokerpeaker said...

Support headed your way with a bone-crushing hug.

MHG said...

I'm not good at reading between the lines, but isn't your number 32C?

Looking forward to rope swings, waterfalls and ice cream cones this summer again!

Drizztdj said...

I'm rooting for you, but you'll have to work many angles to get me to wear green and gold again!

Cheers ma'am

Instant Tragedy said...

Prayers and Happiness sent your way, my love.