Monday, September 8, 2008

Live Blogging Monday Night Football . . .

Well, Drizz has some suggestions for the bet. If we're going with the panty modeling - just remember it could go both ways. So I don't know if I'm brave enough to model, or if we really want to see Drizz model if he loses. Maybe headgear is the way to go . . .


  • First score is for the Vikings. 3-0 (Drizz). Of course, it was made by a former Packer.
  • Immediately followed by a MONSTER pass by Rogers. Favre-like, if I do say so myself.
  • End zone!!!! Talk about Favre-like - Rogers threaded a few needles with that spiral. Of course, the fact that the Vikings just had like 37 defensive offsides didn't help. We tried to determine if they kept going half the distance to the goal line inside that last 3 yards, would they eventually be on the paint? Oh well, credit to my boys for taking advantage of it . . . WOOT! 7-3 (ME!)
  • Vikings can't do anything with their possession. Too bad. Still 7-3 (ME!)
  • Rogers looks like a total farm boy. But he's got a decent arm. And he just ran it for the first down. Nice.
  • 42 yard field goal. Not a TD, but a score. 10-3 (ME!)
  • Vikings can't do anything with their possession. Seems like a recurring theme. Too bad. Still 10-3 (ME!)
  • Field goal attempt, Packers. BLOCKED!!! Cheese curds! Wait . . . still 10-3 (ME!)
  • Halftime - gotta do some work now! Back in 15.


  • Can't believe they scored. But only a field goal. 10-6. Still me!
  • Can't believe we had to punt. WTF? I think "inelligible downfield" calls are kind of stupid anyway - hey, if a guy can get downfield and the play changes . . . bonus, it seems. Robbed of the TD.
  • Vikings can't do anything with their possession. Recurring them. Still 10-6.
  • FREAKIN' AWESOME PUNT RETURN . . . . OMG!!!! My hands hurt from clapping. And amazing I still have my voice. Packers so totally rock. 17 - 6. (ME!!!!!!)
  • Viking score . . . blah, blah, blah . . .
  • OMG . . . another freakin' awesome run . . . 3 yards to goal . . . Aaron Rogers goes for it . . . TD!!!! And a Lambeau Leap! Good thing the fans caught him, though . . . it was not his best effort . . . 24-12!!!!!
  • We pause for a moment - Drizz, any thoughts on what you'll be wearing? Only 5 minutes to go!
  • Ruh, roh. Viking TD. Gotta protect now. Tried for an onside kick, but its Packer ball at the 39. Come on boys! 24 -19 (still me . . . ) . . . hold 'em.
  • Turned over. Too much time on the clock, boys. Making me nervous. I HATE purple samba panties.
  • INTERCEPTION!!!! Bad Vikings . . . Great timing, Harris. Even if you have hair that little girls might envy. Packer ball! 24-19 (still me . . . ).
  • Two plays left on the clock. Take a knee baby! Take it again!
  • DONE! Winna, winna, chicken dinna!

Drizz, I will arrive with appropriate attire for you to wear again. Keep this up and you'll have the best collection of Packer gear for when you eventually come over from the dark side.

Respectfully submitted,

The (winning) Wife


DrChako said...


Um... not to call you out or anything, but it's RoDgers, not Rogers. I guess it's all those years of spelling F-A-V-R-E (or is it Farve?).

Anyway, I can't wait to drop the hammer on a cheese-head-wearing Drizz...

-The Husband

Drizztdj said...

Next game that I'm working sidelines I'll be giving T-Jack an earful.

Horrible, horrible throws.

I await the headgear but still think you'd look better in a Helga hat :)

BamBam said...

Da-da... da-da-da... GO PACK GO !!

BWoP said...

Could you please tell your team that Ryan Grant and Greg Jennings should be scoring the touchdowns?

My fantasy football team will thank you for it.