Sunday, June 8, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas . . .

Well, that is, if the delayed flight ever takes off . . .

DrChako and I are sitting in McCarran airport trying to amuse ourselves while we wait for US Airways to find our plane.

I'm post Vegas . . . which means I'm tired and dehydrated. However, I'm post spa, too, today, so I could care less. More to come later.

The brief recap . . .
  • We did at least one of everything you should do in Vegas (eat, drink, gamble, see a show, get hit on, see a little nudity, kiss someone who is not your spouse, accept an indecent proposal (from your spouse. . . ), spa, lay out by the pool . . . )
  • We saw friends we expected to see
  • We met people we only knew OF, but would be pleased to call them friends
  • We saw friends we didn't expect to see
  • We won a little money, we lost a little money
  • We are coming home content with our little break

The blogger games Friday night were great . . . the entertainment afterwards amusing . . . the time alone with my husband was one of our best weekends together.

Can't touch that.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Easycure said...

It was a great trip, for sure. Too bad some of those details will never get out....or, actually, maybe that's perfect.

Instant Tragedy said...

Sometimes what happens in Las Vegas leaks out.

But I am soooo glad that you and the Doc had such a great time!


BWoP said...

It was great to see you again!

And the girl on girl action (on multiple occasions) was a blast.

CC said...

Hope it was a great, great time of lots of intimacy combined with normalcy. You guys deserve it!

F-Train said...

yay for girl-on-girl action! Well done.

Falstaff said...

Great seeing you guys again! Can't wait until next time!