Friday, March 26, 2010

Who Needs a Comedian - I Have Kids - Part II

We left dinner and were walking down the street and into a downtown parking garage. As we walked to the car, the garage was busy with cars looking for parking, their inhabitants anxious to kick off a Friday evening at the pub or a late night dinner.

The two boys were running and wrestling. Son #1 was the aggressor, and continued to push and pull his brother, running in spurts, even as we were crossing busy lanes of cars.

"Boys!" I commanded. "Stop running and pay attention - there are lots of cars." No response. "Boys! Stop running and pay attention - there are lots of cars!"

They continued to wrestle and run, oblivious to the ton and a half of metal rolling toward them in search of the perfect spot.

I targeted Son #1 - figuring he needed to set the example.

"Did you hear me?!?!?!?!"

He stopped, and looked at me, his face dead-pan.

"Yes mom." He smirked. "You said 'Boys! Stop running and pay attention - there are lots of cars. Boys! Stop running and pay attention - there are lots of cars!'" He used his best mom voice.

Damn literalist.

It reminded me of a snippet from an old Smothers Brothers' routine - "I understand why some animals eat their young . . . "

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


KenP said...

ahh, yes... you call it a lack of social filters and we call it integrity.

But, we will keep you around to help out in Friday night traffic.

The Sister said...

In the previous post you spoke of letting them learn the lesson themselves the hard way when they are older. One time getting knocked on their asses by a ton and a half of metal oughta do the trick! (I kid...don't want the nephews getting flattened by a vehicle).

Unknown said...

"Just because I don't do what you tell me to do, doesn't mean I'm not listening to you dad!" - My daughter Shelby

I can hear your sons talking as my daughter would.