Monday, November 23, 2009

Purple Humiliation, In Style

I believe I started the challenge, back several years ago when I was certain the Packers could kick Viking ass naked on the frozen tundra, one hand tied behind their back, and after 40 days without beer and brats. So its only fair, after a few years of Drizz having to wear the green and gold, that I have to bear my own purple humiliation. The fact that it comes at the hands of the traitor who shall not be named right now (but who will likely be inducted into the Hall of Fame someday) is a little brutal. But I'm a woman of my word.
And I've decided to grin and bear it in as much style as I can muster.
  • Purple (suppress gag reflex) Favre jersey . . . Drizz assures me its on its way.
  • Purple earrings - check.
  • Purple lace trimmed tank - check.
  • Purple . . . uh . . . "unmentionables" (that I just mentioned, so maybe it's a misnomer) . . . check.
  • And for the final item ass-kicking purple accessory, courtesy of Ken P's $9.95 (plus and extra $.54 of my own money, after scrounging all of the clearance sales I could) . . . My feet will also be adorned in the excessively purple wonderfulness of "Simply Vera" by Vera Wang.

Viking drag queens everywhere - ENVY ME!!!!
Hope you all have your cameras ready . . . 17 more days!
Respectfully, and violetly (not violently) submitted,
The Wife


BamBam said...


I have read from top to bottom and all across from left to right. Since there is no mention of unviewable, I whole heartily approve this post!


See you soon!

Drizztdj said...

Jersey arrived yesterday.

Perhaps I'll have my wife model it for you :)

The Wife said...

Leave it to BamBam to explore all the technicalities and loopholes. I'm not sure if "omission" indicates consent, but with enough drinks . . . who knows.

And have the wife model, Drizz . . . help me prepare for what I should expect.