Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just a Word or Two


Conversations here and there in the past week have been making me ponder the power of words. They are amazing things. I can bury myself in a good book, even after I've read it twice before, when the words are right and each time it feels new. The right words in the right movie rip my heart out and leave me sobbing in the theater. The right words make me laugh until my stomach hurts and I'm crying from the effort of trying to catch my breath. The right words leave me analyzing for days, wondering if I missed a nuance.

But then, I'm a verbal person. I only need a few words to create images in my head. Feel things in my core. Kind of like scent to a dog - makes them giddy, makes them crazy, makes them relaxed - but any response is good, because it makes them feel alive.

Your words do that.

Your words make me laugh, to the point of being unable to explain why you're funny anymore. But it's ok - you're my private comedian.

Your words fooled me once, but you weren't smart enough to sound convincing a second time

Your words make me feel your people and your stories like they are my own.

Your words can make me feel like the most special girl in the world, like when you call me Princess.

Your words can sting, but only because they matter more than most. But it helps make me be what I am today.

Your words make me want to see through your eyes, live through your heart, and be your friend. Even go to Montana with you.

Your words can deceive me, like when you said you loved me because I was different than the other girls. Then dumped me for the other girl.

Your words make me want to hug you, even when your misplaced team affiliations threaten my affection for you weekly, each fall.

Your words chip away at a carefully constructed shell, leaving me vulnerable and exposed, even though I know you'll take the words away again, not realizing how empty it makes me feel.

Your words make me feel like I've made a difference to you, even when know one else knows why.

Your words leave me breathless and wanting more, even if its only more words.

You didn't need many words at all. Just "Beautiful" and "I love you M", and I had to love you back.

Your words make me curious, make me want to step a little closer to the edge. Just tell me you'll pull me back if I'm in danger.

Your words make me stop and think, because they come from the purest of human hearts.

Your words, with both of their meanings, makes me laugh, while my heart races, never sure of which reaction you're expecting, but hoping its both.

Your words leave me eternally in love, especially when you follow the "I love you" with "Mommy".

Your words set to music made me melt, a little. And eventually say "I do."

If you ever ask me "can I have a word with you?" . . . be sure the answer is likely "yes".

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BamBam said...

Here's a few words for you.

You just made me smile.... A LOT!



DrChako said...

Well, I sure didn't smile. Until I realized she was talking about different people. Then I smiled. Then I realized that not all of the sexy/lovey people were me. Then I didn't smile again. Then she finished strong. And I smiled. Again.

She's still mine.

-The Husband

Drizztdj said...


Best. Word. Ever.

(and great post)