Monday, October 5, 2009

I Can Be Purchased . . .

So I'm reading a little blurb about how the government wants to crack down on bloggers who give product or service endorsements and don't disclose that they've received free product or services.

I get it. Part of our great free market system is that advertisers are allowed to "influence" us. Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. But technically, not "lie" to us.

I can see where a blog, which is presumed to be raw and real, would be assumed to be someone's honest opinion, not essentially a "paid" advertisement. So the government is proposing to crack down on bloggers who don't disclose their affiliations to products and services they have been paid to endorse, or for products received for free.

I support the government in this initiative. In fact, in order to show how much I support the government, I encourage ALL companies interested in having bloggers say nice things about their products and services to feel free to pay ME, and send ME free products. I will comply with all government requirements to disclose my affiliations with you, and STILL gush about the wonderfulness of your goods and services.

Specifically, I am extremely skilled at giving my honest, unadulterated opinion on:
  • Free jewelry
  • Free shoes (particularly Jimmy Choos, other cute high heels, sexy boots, and strappy sandals)
  • Free massages
  • Free masseurs
  • Free Ferraris (I will share with my friends who will exclaim their delight over your product)
  • Free nights at posh hotels
  • Free glamorous vacation getaways
  • Did I mention free shoes?

Just doing my part to help keep our economy afloat, even as the government puts additional oppressive rules on the blogger community.

Feel free to ship to my home or office. Except the masseur. Please deliver all masseurs directly to my office. I don't want any confusion on the home delivery thing.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

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KenP said...

Fine. Here's your first assignment:

Gush about Brett and those damn Vikings.

Payment: 1 pair purple plastic shoes from the Shoe Barn. Your choice up to $9.95.