Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should I Be Nervous?

Today I dropped both boys off at their first day of their new schools in CA.

Son #1 is the more confident of the two and jumped out the car with a quick hug and a smile. By the time he got home he was able to name off 4 guys he was pals with.

Son #2 is more reserved, and I walked with him to class. Attended his first few minutes of class, and his opening day flag ceremony. Gave lots of hugs. Tried to be reassuring.

When he got to his classroom, he found his seat. Between two nice looking kids. The teacher had given them an assignment - draw a picture of ANYTHING.

The little girl on his right was engaged in an intricate drawing of an apple tree, with sunshine and rainbows. Little girls love rainbows.

I looked over at the little boy on the left. Unassuming kids wearing a little navy poly and light blue shorts with little embroidered lobsters. He had drawn a black skull. Sheesh.

I looked up at his parents. His dad quickly said "Hey, this drawing isn't indicative of some deep rooted problems or anything." Nervous chuckle.

Yeah, right.

On the premise of making more room for the parents, I scooted Son #2s chair closer to Little Miss Rainbow. Can't be too safe these days.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


KenP said...

If the little girl had drawn shoes, you'd have her engaged to #2 by now... rofl

Sean D said...

But what did your son draw?

A Guitar, poker chips or shoes?

That's what I wanna know!