Sunday, May 3, 2009

California Will Be Good

Along with the excitement of a new job, new career, new home . . . well, comes a little angst. After all, well . . . its a new job, new career, new home. The Dr. needs to get licensed and find a job. We need to figure out where exactly we will live. Where we want to live. Where we can afford to live. I need to get two kids enrolled in school. Figure out where all the stuff is again - grocery stores, health clubs, pet stores. My oldest son is worried about making friends. Only my little guy is 100% ready to get a new house.

So I've been compiling a short list of all the positives:
  • I'm a VP
  • More sunshine
  • Less snow - I don't have to test the AWD
  • Less rain - I can wear the red suede and patent shoes more often
  • Closer to my gal pal Betty . . . can you say "shoe-shopping?"
  • Closer to Vegas
  • Son #1's surfer dude hair might actually be used for surfing
  • Did I mention more sunshine?

That's enough to work with for now. I just have to keep this list longer than the other list, which includes:

  • Getting the house ready to sell
  • Finding hotel/corporate housing for me while I'm still commuting, so I don't have to use up the family housing allowance I'm granted until I'm actually ready to bring the family down
  • Getting the house ready to sell
  • Planning my commuting weeks
  • Getting the house ready to sell . . .

Let's stop now . . .

A big thank you to all of you who commented . . . Hopefully, with one big thing behind me that's no longer consuming me, I'll have a few more hours in the day to stop by and comment for you.

Love you all!

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BadBlood said...

Congrats on everything. You and the Doc make a good team, he's a good man to support your career the way he does.

Katitude said...

I am jealously happy for you :-)

Riggstad said...

much congratulations to you guys!

Shrike said...

Belated congrats over here at the blog.