Saturday, January 22, 2011

Any Given Sunday

Except that its not.

Today (yes, when this posts, it will be today) is a remarkable Sunday.

My Packers have yet one more chance to be in the big dance . . . its NFC playoff time!!!!

I'll be hosting a small crew at the house who are gracious enough to share my Green and Gold enthusiasm. And I know that I can count on the cross-country support of special people like Bam Bam, Grange, and others who may have changed their affinity once they realized the true Packer greatness would hold through the season (like my husband).

I realize this puts me at natural odds with the Poker Princess, Lightning, and Shelly - hopefully it will be a friendly rivalry that will end well when my Packers crush the Bears in their own house. You guys are welcome to cheer the Pack in the Bowl - Drizz has some Packer attire you can borrow.

I'd love to say something pithy . . . but all I got is "GO PACK GO!!!!!"

Respectfully submitted,

The (Cheesehead) Wife


KenP said...

Your Gouda gourd is obvious. I understand that may qualify for the disability under Obamacare.

Shelly said...

Today is for all the cheese! But I assure you, it will be da Bears singing the Super Bowl Shuffle this afternoon :) Let the games begin! GO BEARS!

lightning36 said...

Actually, this Packers team does not seem nearly as evil as many in the past. However, they are still the Packers.

Gosh -- when I was up near Green Bay over New Year's weekend I felt like bugs were crawling all over me. Green and gold bugs. Yuck.

DrChako said...

I became a Packer fan by marriage and then they won the Superbowl. Recently, I lost my way, but I came back. It seems quite obvious to me - the Packers needed my full support to win this thing.