Monday, January 10, 2011

Answered Prayers

It looks as though the football gods heard my prayers with that final interception that stopped the Eagles with 30+ seconds to go. It was an interesting game and a nail biter . . . after a heated start by the Packers, who seemed to play pretty steady over the course of the game, the Eagles game back and gave them a few scares here and there.

The Packers game felt steady, and while I admit to being biased, I feel like Aaron Rodgers and team (Driver is a machine) played like a playoff team. The Eagles were their own worst enemy; they would have spectacular plays (like converting for another first down after starting 1 and 25 due to TWO penalties!), followed by spectacular disappointments, like two missed field goals, a missed two-point conversion, and that last minute interception. After watching Adam Vinatieri make a clutch 50+ yard field goal for the Colts and looking like he could have done it from another 10-15 yards back (which was almost their saving grace), Akers must be holed up in the cave of shame for his two misses, one from easy range.*

The last minute was excruciating, knowing that one well-placed pass from Michael Vick could have ended it all. The interception was my saving grace and our small group of revelers celebrated while the last seconds ran out as Aaron Rodgers took a knee.

While all is well in our household, as well as in Lambeau for another week, I know of one poor lost soul who is probably still licking her wounds. Whatever can I do to make my friend feel better?

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

* Easy if your job is being a kicker for the NFL - I clearly acknowledge I do not have the skills to hardly throw it through the uprights, much less kick it, even if you promised me a new pair of Choos.


lightning36 said...

Many people have been picking the Packers to go to the Super Bowl.

The greatest thing will be if the Bears beat the Seahawks and the Packers beat the Falcons -- leading to a Bears/Packers showdown in Chicago with the winner going to the Super Bowl.

As much as people talk of the rivalry between the two teams, in my lifetime it has been a rare year when both teams have been good.

NFC Championship -- Bears vs the Packers? Yowsa!

BamBam said...

Yay us!
Boo CK's hurting.
We should *smooch* her all better.
Rots and Rots!


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