Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Glue . . .

I sit in my hotel room and look at this picture.

Each night, I call home. DrChako is good enough to put the boys on speaker. Its a chorus of "I love yous" and "thrown" hugs, and "thrown" kisses, punctuated by the occasional "nom", as the boys think its funny when we threaten to "nom" each other when we get back.

They still sound happy. We are about to disrupt their young lives once again. And yet, they still smile.

I realize each day that one of the big reasons for their attitude . . . well, is his attitude. He's been a rock for the last few months. When I lost my job, his first and only response was a big hug. When I got my new job offer, I never heard a single protest about moving, even though it meant more uncertainty for him. When I accepted, he was almost as proud as if he'd gotten the offer himself. When I talk to HIS friends and colleagues, they congratulate ME on my new position. This week, he flys down to interview for a job. Which might actually reduce his personal income.

But right now, he's home. Keeping the house neat enough for prospective buyers. Completing my "honey do" lists. Holding down the home front. And keeping my boys happy.

Sometimes change puts stress on a relationship. For whatever reason, this one seems to be moving our family closer together.

Maybe its because my hubby is the glue. The superglue, really.

Thanks, honey.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


MHG said...

I still think he's the lucky one.

KenP said...

The local husband's committee will have to run him out of town on a rail -- Conduct unbecoming Lords and Masters.

Zen PrinceofHouston said...

Stress can either make or break a family. A slapdash family will crater. A solid family will endure.
You two obviously belong together because when you pull on the yarn of a well made blanket, the weave tightens and becomes stronger. When you pull on the yarn of a cheap blanket it breaks.
A hummingbird never pauses, but the waterfall spreads the waters of life.
Sound the gong, and focus on your center.

Paola said...

I think this is the most beautiful picture I've seen of you all! I just copied it for myself! :)
What a beautiful family! You are an inspiration! Love you so much!!!!

Sean D said...

But that's what love is.

Sacrifice for the families good.

He's a good man.

but you rock!


BamBam said...

You know what?

I just love you all the numbers!

I <3 your <3 writing.

pokerpeaker said...

Yeah, well, you know how to reward him.

And my thoughts are PG on this one!

Think four wheels!

DrChako said...

You're welcome. I love you.

And I REALLY love Peaker's suggestion. :-)

-The Husband

BWoP said...

What a beautiful family (inside and out)!