Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post 300

Wow. Big round numbers. Seems like it should be something monumental.

I'm amazed that in the past year + I have found 300 separate topics to write about. Especially since the impetus for first posting was as a catharsis for my husband's deployment. He's been home for months now and I still post.

So here are some posts I had lined up . . . none quite seemed right for the 300.
  • A long-lost post of pictures from Montana. Beautiful, but not 300.

  • A post about my take on the movie "Twilight" which I've now seen twice. But it could risk making me look like a cougar - not for the 300.

  • A post of these cool berries that hang on the bushes in Montana, long after the leaves have fallen.
    But somebody beat me to it.

  • A post about how much work sucks right now. But since I just got done being thankful for the fact that I have a well-paying job, that would be disingenuous for the 300.

  • A post about how, because work sucks, I'm probably a sucky mom and wife right now.

  • A post about my Jimmy Choos. Oh, wait. Already done that.

  • A post about my poker playing. But its all play money. Well, except the money I won on my birthday! WOOT!

  • A post about my weird dreams lately. Like the TRex that was going to eat me and my sister in law because she wouldn't stop vacuuming. Or having to run away, but stopping to pick blackberries along the way for sustenance.

So what is a girl to write about? I went to Waffles blog, since he always has something to say about something or someone. And I found this:

GenderAnalyzer - Man or woman - who is writing that blog?

What a piece of crap tool that is. I put in my own blog. The results?

We think is written by a woman (64%).

Way to go Sherlock. 64%? Come on?!?!?! How man freakin' shoe posts do I have to do to get myself a little further away from the fence? I have a picture permanently dedicated to my shoes, for crying out loud. I posted pictures of a teddy bear from my last business trip. I routinely dedicate space to the A-list actors I would cheat on my husband with. What more can I do to convince them I am a woman?????

My only consolation?

Apparently DrChako is doing almost as well at channeling his inner woman as I am . . .

We think is written by a woman (60%).

Go figure.

Happy 300th, me.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


The Sister of DrChako and Mrs. Chako said...

Uh...since you havce more than one, I figured I would ask if I am the sister in law in the T-Rex dream. If so, don't feel badly. I routinely have to run away from T-rex's or other equally horrific things/creatures in my dreams.

DrChako said...

If your new shoes seem a little stretched out, it's just me getting in touch with my feminine side. Actually, I think I need to be more feminine. In the last 3 months, you've kissed more women than your own husband!

-The Husband

KenP said...

We think is written by a man (88%).

So, if I can manage to find a ratty truck????

BamBam said...

WOW !!!!

I've read 300 of your ramblings!


Very happy to do so, by the way!