Wednesday, November 19, 2008


'nuff said.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


SirFWALGMan said...


The Sister of DrChako and Mrs. Chako said...

Whoo hoo hoo!! You rule! You can now officially run for President of the United States! Oh wait...that was 37, wasn't it?

Betty Underground said...

Sucks doesn't it! KIDDING... best year of my life. If I could only remember it!

Happy Birthday! I expect pictures of the birthday haul!

DrChako said...

Haul? You're getting rocks, just like you deserve. And not the diamond kind, either!

Just kidding. Hard to believe, but you look better at 40 than you did at 24 (and you were pretty hot back then).

I love you. Happy Birthday.

-The (still older) Husband

BamBam said...

Doc has a point there !

Whenever you look at him and say, "Hey! He's a nice catch."

You can always say to yourself, "He's the kind that runs with HOT younger chicks for sure!"


Schaubs said...

Have a great Birthday!!

Otis said...

It says something about your ability to look younger that it took me several minutes to understand the title of the post was your age.

Happy birthday, lady.

Easycure said...

Your 40s will make your 30s look like your teens, if I understand myself correctly.

Never mind and HB.

Katitude said...

I'm 6 years into my fuck-off me when I say that they're fun as hell *grin.

Hope it's a great party, and here's a birthday SMOOOCH!

Instant Tragedy said...

H B M'lady.

May every day be an adventure and may your days be filled with love and joy.