Thursday, September 27, 2007

Full Moon Fever

So yesterday was a full moon, according to the Farmer's Almanac. Of course, as I drove home from work, bathed in that wash of eerie blue, I didn't need a stupid book to tell me it was a full moon. Besides, the days events were enough of an indication.

People have attributed all sorts of things to the full moon - interference with radio waves, animals behaving crazy, suicide, . . . and of course werewolves. If the moon creates tides than can move infinite volumes of water all around the globe, there is no doubt in my mind that the phases of the moon in its orbit might affect us somehow.

Yesterday, I felt the effects, but surprisingly, they were all good. I preface that by saying this whole week has been cast in a little cloud of doom. I'm an auditor, and this week, we were subject to . . . well, effectively, an audit. Nothing an auditor hates more than another auditor looking at their audits. So I took yesterday morning off to take our au pair for her driving test. She's a nervous driver, but we hired her to help me with kid drop off and pick up, so she's got to get licensed here. Practicing has been harrowing, at best. Apparently in Brazil, left turns don't yield on green . . . who knew.

So I send her off to drive . . . I get to watch as she parallel parks, and does it in one passable execution . . . whew! But then she's off and I start to get nervous, thinking of her running through stop signs and taking out pedestrians. She came back 30 minutes later - THUMBS UP!!!!! So I'm now officially punting preschool pick up and drop off to her. Then later that afternoon, we get some encouraging news about the status of our audit-audit. I get home that night from work late, but find the kids are bathed, fed, and ready for bed. And the au pair's social security card came in the mail! I wasn't sure I was in the right house at first.

So we're at a new stage . . . one where we miss the Dr. terribly, but day to day, we'll operate at a whole new level.

Come home soon, baby, before the next full moon tips this all over on its end!

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


The Sister said...

It's a good day sister-in-law! I love those days when everything that can go right, does. And I love the full moon. Bonus!

Craig Cunningham said...

I'm sure Dr. Chako was howling at his full moon, thinking of his love. We're thinking of you, Mrs. Chako. If you could email me with how to send things to the good doctor, please do so at

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...


I've been asking for weeks and she ain't budging. Maybe you can get her to give up the info.

As for walking into the wrong house, yesterday I had convinced myself that it was Friday. SO I did all my usual Friday events to realize, I'm an idiot.

You leave audits, the kids, the au-pair, and the doc in the Big Guy's inbox. Everything is going to be great.

Now... what are your big plans for the weekend?

Keep smiling!

Sean / Instant Tragedy