Saturday, December 22, 2012

An Open Letter to the Mayans

Dear Mayans,

It's 8 a.m. Pacific Time on Saturday.  December 22, 2012 - 12/22/12 . . . a full eight hours past 12/21/12.

Not sure whether you guys suck at predicting the end of the world, or we suck at interpreting ancient stuff when you're not around to explain what you meant by having a calendar that ended yesterday.   If it's you, don't worry - you're not the first person or persons to suck at predicting the world's end.  If it's us, don't be surprised either.  We're not so good at interpreting stuff either.  I mean, a good portion of the world is waiting for the second coming of the messiah, while some are still waiting for the first . . . and it wouldn't surprise me if one or both sides of that coin got some or all parts of it wrong. And let's not even talk about Y2K.

You had us going for a second - I mean, crazy stuff happening in the world like "Gangnam Style" becoming such a big hit and Pajama Jeans (as seen on TV) available in stores (did we buy them when they were on TV?).  And the Mitt Romney for President thing?  He made me wish George W. Bush was running again.  Then yesterday my usually sunny California was overcast and threatening, interspersed with some rainbows here and there.  And there was that whole crazy loud collection of loud, angry birds (not to be confused with Angry Birds, the app, though that might be a harbinger of the end of times, too) in the trees right outside of Costco.  Totally end of the world kind of backdrop to the day.

Whichever one of us was wrong, let me just say I'm glad.  Don't get me wrong - in some respects, end of the world would have taken care of some things nicely.  Like my last 12 months of filing personal paperwork, or my work email inbox that has grown out of control.  Let's not forget the three boxes of stuff I still haven't unpacked from my September office move.  Or the fact that I need to go scoop the dog doo in the backyard. 

But I didn't want it to end, really.

See, my kids are growing more amazing every day.  My oldest guy is now taller than me, with this fuzzy little mustache that threatens to become a full-sized, manly porn-stache any day now with just the slightest testosterone provocation.  And he didn't do half bad practicing driving the car a few months ago - my guess is he probably will total fewer vehicles than the average teenager when he gets his license.  And my little guy is slowly becoming a big guy, who demonstrates and interest in and aptitude for all kinds of things - think he's going to be my chef, my handyman, and my artist, all in one.

And I wanted a bit more time with my family - my nieces and nephews are growing up and doing all sorts of things I want to know about and be part of. And I kind of wanted my mom to come see my new place.  And I know there was that whole scare with my brother and his seizures, but his memory is just coming back, and I wanted to see him get back to his normal.

And let's not forget my friends - the girls and I were going to have brunch on Sunday with mimosas, and I might make stuffed french toast.  What a shame to miss out on that.  Plus, while the WPBT was fantastic this year and I got to see so many of my favorite friends, there were quite a few that didn't make it - was hoping we could see them this year at a gathering or two.

And while my company is going through some turbulent times, my job is really challenging and interesting.  And we just set a goal for ourselves to really reshape our department in the next 10 months, and I'm looking forward to that exercise.  I've got some really gems on my team and I want to work to make their next career moves successful too.

And I'm in love with this really great guy - someone who balances me in so many of the right places.  He's a fantastic cook, handy with everything, cleaner than I've ever known a man to be, organized and prepared, and a pleasant, easy-going type-B personality that keeps my type-A from going off the charts.  Not to mention he's brown-eyed, tall, physically fit, and sexy as can be.  Oh, and he thinks I'm amazing.  Can you ask for more?

So I was really just kinda getting into the groove of this part of my life, and didn't really want it to end.  Want to see my boys grow old so I can wonder "how am I even old enough to have kids this old?"  Want to see my family over and over again so I can say "how am I even related to these people?"  Want to have more dinners and drinks with my friends so we can have more stories, more blogs, more tweets and more memories so I can think "why don't we do this more often?".  Want to hear "I love you" whispered in my ear, over and over, until I just can't hear anymore.

No harm, no foul.  I live in California, the home of "I'm ok, you're ok" even when you are clearly not ok - but we all just like to get along.  So like the Romans, Egyptians, etc., you guys go back to being historically significant but currently not the big cheese.  I've got boxes to pack, gifts to wrap, and a life to live.

Respectfully yours,

The NL Wife

PS - If you were going to make a significant contribution to the calendar, you could have created one with an extra hour in the day or so for me to catch up with everything.  Just sayin'.


Unknown said...

Well said my sister!! Well said.

Joe (aka Unimpressed) said...

More blogging?

House of Cards Radio said...

I thought that NL Wife meant "No Limit" wife -- as in No Limit Texas Hold'em. "Wow, cool, a wife who plays poker" I thought. Alas, not.

Ashley Adams of House of Cards (a poker radio show)