Saturday, July 10, 2010

Conversations With Boys

Boys of a certain age (read, almost any age), have certain favorite subjects. Body parts and bodily functions. Son #2 is 7; his filter is not well-developed. Son #1 has a more developed filter, but has found what he thinks is a way around the system: Science. See, apparently, in his 12-year old mind, if you are discussing body parts or bodily functions in the context of something scientific then it's ok. He's recently been attending a marine biology class during the summer, which gives him additional scientific fodder.

Now put the two of them together. At the dinner table. In a public place.

Son #1: Did you know that the (insert some random name) clam has an extremely long anus?
Mrs. Chako: Son, is this an appropriate conversation for the dinner table?
Son #2: An extremely long penis?!?!?!?
Son #1: I said 'anus' not 'penis' . . .
Mrs. Chako: #1! I said not at dinner!
Son #1: But he thought I said 'penis' not 'anus'.
Son #2: Yeah, I thought he said penis (laughs at the simple mix up).
Mrs. Chako: Boys!
Son #2: But he said 'anus'.
Son #1: Do you even know what an anus is, #2?
Mrs Chako: Guys!
Son #1: Its where your poop comes out.
Son #2: (Chuckles and shakes his head) Oh. (Looks at me) I though he said penis.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


KenP said...

I think this must have something relating to the nurture V. nature argument. I'm told that younger boys are influenced most by their mother.

It is starting to look like Doc would be granted custody. Don't worry though. He'd have to get a vehicle that seats three and that would be unacceptable.

BamBam said...

You really had me at "Boys of a certain age (read, almost any age)"

The rest was just gravy.


Matilde Lucchesi said...

What did you say?! Knows an anus?! Holler! Who knows an anus in the first place?