Sunday, September 13, 2009

Of Poker . . .

  • Booked DrChako for the blogger weekend. Thursday to Sunday, and we're in the Bellagio . . . ah the life (and discounts for booking early). Why not me, you ask? Oh, I plan to be there. But apparently being a VP requires you to do things, oh, say, like . . . make sure your company's financials are filed. I'm still working out the "when" of Vegas. I will miss golf, but NOT Steel Panthers. Just FYI. Stay tuned.
  • Booked DrChako on a separate trip in a couple weeks with his buddy Josh. He's supposed to be networking so he can get a job. But I'm letting him go play. Say it. You know you want to. Just say it. I'm the best wife ever. Ever.
  • Played some poker at the Bay 101 this weekend. Made a 50% return on my poker investment. Just slow, steady, careful play. One good bluff. And only one true suck-out, though I had a fair amount of outs, truth be told. It was interesting because I would totally say my play was predictable, and yet, people would still play with me when I was betting. Almost as if they had to see. Couldn't believe I would consistently bet the best hand. Just wanted to check if this time was a bluff.
  • At the Bay 101, I think I acquired a girlfriend. She was in the 1 seat, I was in the 9 seat. She kept saying things like "You're so cute. Thank you, pretty. I just think you are adorable." She'd had a bit to drink. I don't know why I tickled her fancy. But there was a little relief when her husband showed up to take her away (though not without a wink and a "Bye, pretty"). I was starting to wonder how I would politely decline her advances (she looked like a screamer - wouldn't want to wake the kids and all).
  • Need to have a poker party at the new house.

Must sleep now.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


KenP said...

Nice to see life moving beyond the corner office!

g'nite, pretty.

Sean D said...

"she looked like a screamer"

But The Doc could always Babysit :-)

Glad to hear you are going to the big event. Everyone should go to multiple blogger weekends in their lifetime.

Keep smiling!

BWoP said...

Are you making nice with other poker chicks???


The Wife said...

I took no part in establishing the relationship - she just gravitated toward me.

No worries CK - you are infinitely more bendy than she is, and have better hair. No one can come between us.

Bayne_S said...

I would guess i you alerted me before you departed home, I could fix my hair and drive the 2 miles to Bay 101 and get there before you.


Katitude said...

I really am glad that about the new job and all, but I am missing your posts.

Just sayin' :-)